Meow Cat Macbook Stickers on black vinyl | Laptop sticker | Macbook Decals kitty

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- BEST Stickers with application tape!  DL dimension :) 

- Brand new PRODUCTS;
- Unused;
- Unopened and undamaged items;

Top quality cut vinyl - supplied in black + red!
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Regards :)


It's easy. Just follow this steps:

* make sure you clean all the dust from the lead;
* the sticker might be a bit longer than the actual size of the laptop just to be sure it fits perfect in place;
* make sure you keep the apple sign light open so you can fit the bat exactly in place;
* after you found the right spot...close the lead and follow the instructions on the sent paper;
* in the end...if needed..use a sharp knife to cut the extra vinyl on the bottom of the laptop.

Enjoy the little things.