About Us

What is "influent-uk.com"?

It's a platform on which we share our work. All designs and their applications are here to be ordered and to be shared. 

We are delighted about our work and happy to share it with you guys. Feel free to share it too. Join our social media and always stay on top of the news from us :)

Welcome to our website. We believe with our work we can influence the World and transform it into a better place!

What is the scope of our business?

We are designers, social media experts, friendly characters and in the years of experience working with companies and general consumers we decided to lunch a platform which is willing to offer a high range of products for both companies and/or any person who's looking into personalising different applications or if in lack of ideas for the next present for the next birthday, holidays, anniversaries or any other more ideas.

Here to help!

Looking for something and you can't find it anywhere? Let us help you. Get in contact with us and tell us briefly what you're looking for.

Want to know more about us?

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