Custom Flying Balloon 3D Bedside Custom USB Acrylic Laser cut Lamp for Kids

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3D LED Illusion Lamp

* Led Illusion with multiple colours. It has laser cut USB which makes it compatible with different power sources like desktop computers and laptops. The 3D effect lamp uses long-lasting LED bulbs to light up with higher performance

* Acrylic led illusion is supported in sunlight colour to suit all kinds of settings. Suitable bedroom lighting is generally preferred on the bedside drawers or to light up the mirror. The design figure of choice is a suitable piece of decor lighting in a living room. Any night light designed like an adorable toy finds the best place in a child's room. With its sunlight illusion, this 3D effect light is also utilised to brighten shady offices and dimly lit desks.

* The acrylic desk lamps are designed at your choice. We are going to send a check-plot prior producing the product. We will accept 1 change of design. Please ensure you are supplying shapes which can easily be traced for the laser cut and engraving.

* A Perfect Gift : Everybody will falls in love with this lamp as a gift


1 x Lamp Base
1 x USB Cable
1 x Personalised acrylic block



Please confirm name of the child