NFC WiFi and Restaurant Menu Desk Laser cut Stand - Customisable QR Code Menu For Restaurants

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Who is ready for some freedom?

Are you ready for when the Restaurants are open?
No more printed Menu!
No more hand touching of the Menu

Consider this unique solution for wood stand menus with QR codes easy to read with Android or iOs and also with NFC Programmed chips for taping only to redirect to your Menu and also connect directly to your Wifi.


  • Personalised wooden Stand
  • Comes with unique name personalisation (or Logo if we can get from your website or sent via email or message on Amazon)
  • Made of stained plywood
  • 6 mm thickness
  • 6 mm stand thickness
  • Size: 210 (W) x 155 (H) mm
  • Comes with programmed NFC Chips + the custom QR Code for "Menu" and "WiFi"



If you only need MENU on both sides let us know.