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☆ Name, numbers and shapes puzzle ☆

A perfect gift for your toddlers.
Easy to play with and very helpful for your toddlers.
Use our puzzle to encourage your little one’s learning through playing.

All kids of all ages can gain lots of benefits from playing with puzzles.

Any puzzle can give amazing benefits for your children.
Starting from an early age to motivate and stimulate their brains on resolving small puzzles.

When your child tries to resolve a puzzle, they are going to succeed when they find the exact place for each piece.
The act of matching each piece, testing and turning it to see its fit, is how your children learns early essential problem solving and critical thinking skills.

☆ About our puzzle board ☆

Made of natural birch plywood.
Shapes stained with Eco-friendly stainer with non-toxic solutions
Overall size of board:

* Up to 6 letters: 39x29 cm
* 7 - 12 Letters: 65 x 29 cm - numbers and shapes will be spaced

Max 12 letters allowed - Please contact us if your name is longer than 12 letters.

Size of individual letters: all letters and numbers are 5.55 CM height (approx. 2.2 inches)

☆ Attention - Disclaimer ☆

1. We recommend the puzzle for kids over 3 years - if younger DO NOT ALLOW THEM TO PLAY ALONE! Avoid any risks.
2. Also, no matter the age, kids are very creative and they can find ways of getting these in their mouths and find them interesting for chewing - please don't let your kids play alone - collect as many memories with them as possible.
3. We take no responsibility for any accidents! Please play together with your kids.
4. Smallest feature: number "1" - 2.5 x 5.55 CM and Letter "i" if your name contains it - 1.5 x 5.55 CM

=> if you wish these elements to be glued to the board, please let us know!